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Home cooked food made from a scratch kitchen in a family friendly environment


Located in the rapidly expanding East Austin area, is a little slice of Colombia anxious to be discovered. 


Casa Colombia opened its newest location in April 2015 and is located on the east side of I-35 on 7th street. Before opening its doors at its new location, the restaurant used to be located closer to the highway on the same 7th street in a small house renovated to be a restaurant. Improvements were made with the move and we can now offer outdoor seating with a dog-friendly covered patio; a private room that can be exclusively rented by the hour, and a new mixed beverage permit for the bar. 

Upon arriving to the restaurant, Spanish tile can be seen laid on the roof above the covered patio, along with a beautiful mural that represents Colombia. On both sides of the front entrance there are two different patio areas which can be enjoyed while dining. Once inside, Spanish tile can be seen again laid out as a roof over the very beautifully lit bar. In the main dining area, a very traditional mural has been painted to represent a very popular town in Colombia. Throughout the restaurant, the walls have been painted to match the color of the flag, bringing rich colors to life. Each section of the restaurant has been colored a different color, allowing our guests to distinguish the varying sections. The walls are decorated with many Colombian ornaments, bring a genuine South American feeling to the atmosphere. 

The restaurant is split into several different sections allowing our guests to experience a different ambiance with each returning visit. The different sections include a full-service bar, along with round-high tables, and a half booth, bringing versatility to this area. Throughout the bar, there are 4 different TVs showing mostly soccer game unless requested otherwise. Moving to the main dining area, the ambiance changes leaving the sports bar feel behind. In this section there are two booths available with an additional 7 more stand alone tables. Proceeding into the party/conference room there are an additional 9 tables available that are mainly used to accommodate our larger parties. This room also works great for showing very important soccer games, because it includes a projector which displays a 100 inch display which its own dedicated sound. The most useful purpose for this room is the ability of hosting private parties like weddings, baby showers, etc. The room is available to rent on a hourly basis most days except for the weekends, unless there is a special circumstance.

One of the biggest improvements that was made in the new restaurant over the old, is the available outdoor seating, which does allow for pets. Part of the outdoor seating can be seen under a covered patio roof, while the other half of the seating sits out in the open air. During the hot summer days, misters and fans are turned on to keep our guests cool and refreshed. On the opposite end of the spectrum, during the rare cold climates heaters have been placed under the covered patio to provide warmth for our guests. More improvement are yet to come including a plastic barrier that can be dropped down on rainy days in order to keep the covered patio as dry as possible.

Throughout the 7 years in the previous restaurant building, lots of feedback was provided to us on improvements we could make. We gave every customer comment very serious consideration and tried our very best to meet all their needs. We wanted to bring a little piece of the South America to Austin, Texas; represented in the best way possible. 


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Scratch Kitchen

Our unique recipes, food, and seasonings are all made in-house providing exquisite flavors..